NHS RightCare Data Packs

Where to look packs

Where to Look packs with 2017/18 data are now available to share. The packs cover the main NHS programme budgeting categories including cardiovascular disease, respiratory, mental health and cancer and are personalised for each clinical commissioning group (CCG) and Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP).

Focus packs

Focus packs provide more detailed information on those highest spending programmes. The areas covered are: cancer; the CVD family of conditions including renal, stroke and diabetes; maternity and early years; mental health and dementia; musculoskeletal and trauma; neurology; and respiratory.

Equality and Health Inequality packs

The Equality and Health Inequality packs consider measures of health inequality that aim to support health systems identify areas of improvement in promoting equality and reducing health inequalities Each pack is tailored to local health systems and should be used to support local discussions and inform a more in-depth analysis.

Long term conditions packs

The long term conditions packs contain data on a number of disease areas and elements of care.  The pack is split by stages along a long term conditions pathway and enables a local health economy to look at an element, for example disease detection or prescribing, across multiple disease areas.

Mental health conditions packs

The mental health conditions packs contain data across a range of mental health and dementia services.  The packs are split into stages along a mental health pathway, for example Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) and enable local health systems to compare their performance with their ten most similar CCGs.