‘Where to look’ packs – January 2016

The ‘Where to look’ packs build on earlier Commissioning for Value packs and updates the data from three previous sets of information:

  • The original data packs from October 2013
  • The Pathway on a Page packs from November 2014
  • The complex patients information in the Integrated Care packs from February 2015 (restated for completeness, not

The information contained in the packs, and the accompanying online tools, is personalised for each clinical commissioning group (CCG) and should be used to help support local discussion about prioritisation to improve the value and utilisation of

By using this information each CCG will be able to ensure its plans focus on those opportunities which have the potential to provide the biggest improvements in health outcomes , resource allocation and reducing inequalities.

Where to look tool: 2016

The Commissioning for Value tool 2016 produces a chart which shows the user where a CCG ranks nationally for any indicator in the pack. Through manual selection, a CCG’s similar 10 can also be highlighted in the chart. A spine chart on the right hand side of the tool also provides a quick means of exploring a CCG’s position nationally for every indicator, and whether it is higher or lower than its similar peers. This tool will allow CCGs to view maps, charts and tables for the indicators in the refreshed ‘where to look’ packs across CCGs, and to view a spine chart of all the indicators for one or more CCGs

Explorer tool 2016

The Commissioning for Value Explorer 2016, used for Where to Looks packs 2016, allows users to create a scatter plot showing the relationship between any two indicators in the pack. In cases when there is a strong correlation between indicators, selecting individual CCGs and viewing their position in relation to the trend line, provides a further means by which the user might look to understand their performance. A CCGs’ similar 10 can also be manually selected and highlighted on the chart.                                                

Data and metadata

‘Where to look’ packs

The packs for each CCG (refreshed in January 2016) can be viewed below – listed by region.