Focus packs

Our focus packs provide more detailed information on those highest spending programmes previously covered by the NHS RightCare Intelligence, formerly Commissioning for Value, packs. The areas covered are: cancer; the CVD family of conditions including renal, stroke and diabetes; maternity and early years; mental health and dementia; musculoskeletal and trauma; neurology; and respiratory.

The packs include a wider range of outcome measures and information on the most common procedures and diagnoses for the condition in question. They help CCGs begin work on phase two of the NHS RightCare approach ‘What to Change’ by using indicative data to identify improvement opportunities.

A series of videos have been produced to help CCGs work through the different focus packs, highlighting key points and explaining what the data is showing.

More recent data for your local health system may be available in these clinical areas. Please contact for more details and to make sure you have the most up to date information.

Focus pack tools: 2016

The focus pack tools provide an individual tool for each of the seven 2016 focus packs. As with the Where to Look pack tool, each one produces a chart showing the user where a CCG ranks nationally for any indicator in the pack. Rather than manually selecting a CCG’s similar 10, a ‘CCG peers ON’ button produces a bar chart showing CCG performance and that of its similar peers. Again, a spine chart on the right hand side of the tool also provides a quick means of exploring a CCG’s position nationally for every indicator, and whether it is higher or lower than its similar peers.

Data and metadata