Long Term Condition scenarios

RightCare scenarios put the person at the centre of the story. They use fictional patients to show the difference between a suboptimal, but realistic, pathway of care compared to an optimal one. At each stage the costs of care are highlighted, not only financial to the local health system, but also the impact on the individual and their family.

  • Do you recognise any elements of the patient journey highlighted in this scenario?
  • Which care pathway best reflects the service within your area?
  • Which parts of the patient journey and experience could you improve?

RightCare scenarios are developed in close collaboration with National Clinical Directors, patient groups, third sector organisations and other key stakeholders. They support local health systems to think strategically about designing optimal care for people (and their carers) with long term or high impact conditions. They help local systems understand how patient outcomes, quality of life and costs can be improved as the result of shifting the care pathway from a suboptimal journey to one that consistently delivers timely, evidence-based excellence.

The suboptimal journeys in these scenarios shine a light on where along the patient care pathway errors can, and often do, happen. These errors may not occur at every stage of every individual’s care but rather aim to provide examples of what could go wrong and the possible impact on outcomes and experience.

RightCare is a programme committed to reducing unwarranted variation to improve people’s health and outcomes and reduce inequalities in health access, experience and outcomes. It makes sure that the right person has the right care, in the right place, at the right time, making the best use of available resources.

Frailty – June 2019

Progressive Chronic Kidney Disease – January 2018

Multimorbidity – January 2018

Colorectal Cancer – January 2018

Parkinson’s – January 2018

Ed Richfield, Consultant in Geriatric Medicine at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, provides an overview of Parkinson’s disease in relation to NHS RightCare and using the RightCare approach.

Dementia – April 2017

The scenario is available as a full narrative and two summary slide packs are also included as appendices.

Osteoporosis – February 2017

Wound care – January 2017


Diabetes – August 2014