NHS RightCare Intelligence tools and support

To help clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and local health economies use the NHS RightCare Intelligence, formerly Commissioning for Value, packs, a range of support products and tools is available.

The list below summarises the tools and support resources available on the RightCare website. They accompany CCG packs, and enable commissioners and other interested parties to further explore the data contained within them. Including all of the indicators included in a pack, they are interactive resources which provide an additional means of viewing and understanding RightCare data.

Focus packs 2016

The focus pack tools provide an individual tool for each of the seven 2016 focus packs. As with the Where to Look pack tool, each one produces a chart showing the user where a CCG ranks nationally for any indicator in the pack. Rather than manually selecting a CCG’s similar 10, a ‘CCG peers ON’ button produces a bar chart showing CCG performance and that of its similar peers. Again, a spine chart on the right hand side of the tool also provides a quick means of exploring a CCG’s position nationally for every indicator, and whether it is higher or lower than its similar peers.

Where to look tool: 2016

The Commissioning for Value tool 2016 produces a chart which shows the user where a CCG ranks nationally for any indicator in the pack. Through manual selection, a CCG’s similar 10 can also be highlighted in the chart. A spine chart on the right hand side of the tool also provides a quick means of exploring a CCG’s position nationally for every indicator, and whether it is higher or lower than its similar peers. This tool will allow CCGs to view maps, charts and tables for the indicators in the refreshed ‘where to look’ packs across CCGs, and to view a spine chart of all the indicators for one or more CCGs.

Explorer tool 2016

The Commissioning for Value Explorer 2016, used for Where to Looks packs 2016, allows users to create a scatter plot showing the relationship between any two indicators in the pack. In cases when there is a strong correlation between indicators, selecting individual CCGs and viewing their position in relation to the trend line, provides a further means by which the user might look to understand their performance. A CCGs’ similar 10 can also be manually selected and highlighted on the chart.                                                    

Data and metadata

These documents provide tools and data that was used in the 2016 focus and where to look packs.

Similar 10 CCG Explorer tool

The Similar 10 CCGs are calculated based on each CCGs demographic profile and are used as a benchmark across the range of NHS RightCare intelligence packs. The Similar 10 CCG Explorer Tool enables the user to visualise and customise any CCG similar 10 cluster group. This tool also includes the background demographic data and methodologies used. This tool seeks to make the similar 10 cluster group methodology fully transparent and facilitate CCGs in understanding their similar 10 peer group.

Other resources

In addition to our in-house materials, NHS RightCare and Commissioning for Value also refers to and links with a number of other resources and data. A selection of those are listed below:

Data packs on cardiovascular disease: June 2014

Public Health England has provided a support pack to help CCGs understand variations across their cardiovascular care pathway and get better value from their CVD services.  The evidenced-based packs cover potential opportunities for CCGs to improve patient outcomes, quality and efficiency by identifying which areas to focus on across the pathway and what to change. The packs are available on Public Health England’s website.

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidance

NICE guidelines make evidence-based recommendations on a wide range of topics, from preventing and managing specific conditions to planning broader services and interventions to improve the health of communities. The guidance, listed by conditions and diseases can be found on the NICE website

Royal College of Surgeons National Surgical Commissioning Centre (RCSENG)

There are further resources available on key surgical pathways and data at the Royal College of Surgeons National Surgical Commissioning Centre. All the resources are freely available on the RCSENG website.

Partner and stakeholder organisation publications

Healthcare Financial Management Association published an article ‘Directors of Finance & Value – we need you now‘ by Professor Matthew Cripps, National Director for NHS RightCare and Professor Sir Muir Gray, Director of Better Value Health Care.  This thought piece explains how promoting better value in the NHS is essential for financial sustainability, and proposes the idea of ‘Value’ being a specific responsibility financial leaders’.

Following NHS RightCare’s publication of the first Optimal Value Pathway for CVD on 29 September, Dr. Matt Kearney, NHS England’s National Clinical Director for CVD explains why it’s important and how it’ll drive value in the treatment and prevention of a disease that is responsible for 27% of deaths in England.

Coinciding with World Heart Day 2016, read an article originally published by the HSJ and available here as a blog explaining how NHS RightCare’s CVD Optimal Value Pathway will decrease variation and increase value.