NHS RightCare Pathways

NHS RightCare Pathways form part of the NHS RightCare Intelligence Programme.

NHS RightCare Pathways are developed in close collaboration with NHS England’s National Clinical Directors, patient groups, Public Health England, Royal Colleges, and other key stakeholders. They aim to provide a set of resources to support Local Health Economies to concentrate their improvement efforts on where there is greatest opportunity to address variation and improve population health.

For each topic NHS RightCare Pathways aim to provide local health economies with:

  • a high-level overarching national case for change;
  • priorities for improvement and key high impact interventions along a pathway
  • underpinning guidance and evidence
  • implementation resources to help make change on the ground; and
  • practice examples that show the potential in population health approaches.

By focussing on doing the right thing, and doing it consistently for the right people, NHS RightCare Pathways support improving population health and making optimal use of our collective investment in the health of our population..

NHS RightCare is a programme committed to reducing unwarranted variation to improve people’s health and outcomes and reduce inequalities in health access, experience and outcomes. It makes sure that the right person has the right care, in the right place, at the right time, making the best use of available resources.

NHS RightCare Pathways