The Health Foundation

The Health Foundation, along with Cardiff and Newcastle Universities, has been working on the implementation of shared decision making in primary and secondary care settings. Their training programme – MAGIC (making good decisions in collaboration) supports clinical teams to embed shared decision making with patients into their everyday practice.

The programme is trying to achieve the culture shift from the traditional ‘passive patient’ and ‘expert health professional’ style of care that many people are used to, towards a more equal partnership. It is working with frontline health professionals across the UK to test how to embed best practice and overcome the barriers to change.

Phase 1 of the programme is now complete. As part of the evaluation for the first phase, a learning report based on seven improvement stories has been published by the Office for Public Management (OPM). The stories draw on a series of interviews with clinicians and patients carried out by the evaluation team and present the experiences of both primary care and hospital-based teams.

Phase 2 of the programme (until the end of October 2013) is focussing on:

  • Leadership and Commissioning
  • Patient and Public Involvement
  • Education and Training
  • Clinical Engagement
  • Quality Metrics and Demonstrating Value.

An overview of the programme can be found in the following two documents:-

The Health Foundation’s Shared Decision Making Resource Centre contains information and practical resources to help support individuals and teams put shared decision making into practice.