NHS RightCare and shared decision making

NHS RightCare information shines a light on the significant variation in care and outcomes across the NHS in England.  Unwarranted variation is variation which cannot be explained by variation in patients’ illnesses or individual preferences.

These variations could be attributable to:

  • what local resources are available
  • what therapies are available
  • how far somebody has to travel to the nearest centre of excellence for example; or
  • bias (consciously or unconsciously) on the part of the referring professional.

Variation can lead to services and treatments being either over or under used.  In either case this does not offer good value.

NHS RightCare is about delivering the best care to patients, making NHS money go as far as possible and improving patient outcomes. It includes personalised care – care that fits with the values of individuals and addresses what matters most to them.

NHS RightCare is working to embed shared decision making into the commissioning of optimal NHS care.