Shared Decision Making Project Initiation

At this stage you are considering implementing Shared Decision Making across the local health economy. During the project initiation stage it is useful to identify where in the health economy there may be impetus for change, which Shared Decision Making can support. For example, if there is pathway redesign of MSK services taking place then Shared Decision Making could support the transformation you want to achieve locally by ensuring patients have discussed the range of treatment options as part of a consultation before being listed for invasive surgery.

At this point it is useful to familiarise yourself with the Patient Decision Aids that have been developed as part of the Shared Decision Making Programme. It is also useful to look at the difference between the Shared Decision Making Sheets, which are designed to be used in consultations by healthcare professionals and patients and the Patient Decision Aids, which are designed to be used by the patient.

The template below is designed for completion by local health economies and will support you in collating information in order to make decisions about how you want to take forward Shared Decision Making.

  • Information gathering template to support implementation of shared decision making – need to create this PDF

Once you have completed the template above you will have a long list of potential clinical areas where you may want to roll out Shared Decision Making.  These will be all specialties that you have marked as ‘Yes’. Dependant on the size of your long list you may choose to complete a prioritisation exercise with Clinical Commissioners. Please note that you can roll out Shared Decision Making across all pathways, however many health economies have limited capacity to support new projects and therefore we recommend taking an incremental approach starting with a couple of specialty areas. The prioritisation matrix should help you to finalise which specialty areas to implement initially. If you choose not to complete a prioritisation exercise you should consult with clinical commissioners to enable you to consider priorities from a primary care perspective.

  • Prioritisation template – need to create this PDF

The final stage of project initiation is to gain support to progress with the project from the CCG approval committee and/ or board. The document below is a generic SDM Board Approval Paper for local amendment or for use as a guide to develop a local approval paper. Also attached below is a SDM Strategic Framework for Commissioners. This framework is useful context for commissioners and also there are some slides which may be useful to use as a local presentation on the benefits of SDM.