Sign up to Safety

Our story so far

The last three and a half years have flown by so we want to take a moment to take stock, look at where we are now, and explain the exciting direction we are heading in.

When Sign up to Safety launched back in 2014, we aspired to bring organisations together behind a common purpose; to create the conditions for making care safer. We started with just 12 but before we knew it, we had grown and grown and we’re now a community of nearly 500 organisations from across the NHS and beyond.

Although our day to day work to make care safer may differ from person to person, we all want the same thing; to help the right safety culture grow and flourish.

Along the way we turned to you to ask questions, to listen to what you experience and to involve you as our thinking evolved. What we heard loud and clear is that it is a struggle in your busy work day to develop relationships, a struggle to speak up and a struggle to be heard.

So, this brings us to where we are now – as we continue our focus from here is simple. We will;

Help people talk to each other

To us, this means conversations where people have a chance to speak, to be listened to, to feel heard and understood.

What can you expect from Sign up to Safety?

Over the coming months we’ll be explaining how we believe talking to each other can help you. We’ll provide information and insights that will help you convince others to give it a go too, as well as ideas and positive encouragement via our website, social media and newsletter.

  • In January 2018, we will share with you everything we have learned about conversations so far in a pack that collates this into one easy place.
  • In February we launch a ‘Matchmaking’ service to help connect people with others to work together on problems that get in the way of progress.
  • 19-23 March will see the second National Kitchen Table Week. Last year thousands of you took the chance to try this simple approach to help bring people together.

What can you do now?

Some suggestions for what you can do now to make a difference:

  • If you have just a moment spare – go and say good morning to all your colleagues, find out about their day
  • If 5 minutes – watch ‘Our Story so Far’ video at the top of this page and share it with others.
  • If 10 minutes – read our director Suzette’s blog ‘Sign up to Safety – a campaign with a difference’ to understand more about our journey to this point
  • If 15 minutes – look through the resources and tools below (which we will keep adding to)
  • If 20 minutes – listen to our #letstalk podcasts where members share their approach to boosting the impact of their improvement efforts, the challenges they faced and what they are doing next.

Some resources

Join us

If you interesting in becoming a member of Sign up to Safety as an organisation, or even just yourself, find out how.