From the frontline

Photo of four women, two are nurses.

Sign up to Safety is committed to supporting locally led, self-directed safety improvement; and building a safer care movement to reduce avoidable harm by half and save 6,000 lives.

The campaign is for everybody, in every part of the NHS whether you work in primary, secondary or tertiary care; whether you work in acute, mental health, learning disabilities, ambulance or community care settings; whether you work in a national body or a general practice. We are united by our common goal; to continually strive to make the care we give our patients as safe as possible.

Here, those who are working hard to improve care at a local level share their experiences, thoughts and opinions for the benefit of the wider community.

National Kitchen Table Week at Frimley Health – Rachel Hitchman

After reading the Sign Up to Safety update email announcing National Kitchen Table Week it was automatically something we, the Sign Up to Safety Team at Frimley Health, wanted to run with and bring to our staff. We ordered our two kits as quickly as we could, and with that I was already starting to […]

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If somebody just cared – James Merrell

A recent article in the Guardian talked about the relentless pressure junior doctors are under.  They are so busy that they can go through entire shifts without eating or drinking, while others suffer stress, burnout, exhaustion and sleeping problems.  I realised that this was probably the case for many of my colleagues and was wondering […]

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Have you discovered the 3rd/4th degree tear rate in your maternity unit yet?

You may have read my previous blog! ‘Do you know the 3rd degree tear rate in your maternity unit?‘ And you may have found out your local OASIS (Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injury) rate?? The project at Frimley Health has been now been running for 15 months and there have been successes, exciting developments and challenges, […]

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Safety Conversations – Anne Reader

A chance encounter of the safety kind We would like people to talk to each other about keeping people safer, they said. Sure, I do that all the time, I thought. We would like people to listen as well, they said. Hmm… I’m not sure I always do this, I thought. What could we do […]

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How creative networking can spread your safety message – Helen Frizell

Creative learning can take many forms and when fun, memorable ways are used to facilitate this, staff’s attention and receptivity to learning what we know keeps people safer can be enhanced. As paediatric nurses, we tend to look for and see these opportunities as well as being prepared to do something a little bit different. […]

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How conversations can lead you somewhere new – Karen Taylor

Karen Taylor, Head of Patient Safety and Governance at Somerset CCG, was one of our 2nd birthday competition winners. You can read her very informative blog post here, which details how they’ve recently extended their Sign up to Safety campaign from being staff-facing to actively including patients. She asks ‘How can patients’ make sure they […]

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How can patients’ make sure they are safe? – Karen Taylor

As the second birthday of Sign Up to Safety approached in Somerset, building on the momentum amongst NHS staff, we focused our campaigning to involve patients and carers. In terms of joy I feel we have reached a significant milestone in Somerset in developing our Sign up to Safety campaign to reach patients and the […]

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Does size really matter? – Philip Riddell

“Mistakes don’t happen in hospitals the size of ours, the number of staff means that we catch them before they happen”. I am sitting there in the Gynaecology clinic, feeling bewildered by this statement.  I have just finished my third year exams and have been rewarded by travelling over ten thousand miles to Sydney for […]

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