National Kitchen Table Week – 19 to 25 March 2018

During this week we’re inviting all of our members to host their own Kitchen Tables within their organisations and invite staff and colleagues to visit to it and have a conversation with them about working safely.

What do you mean by a Kitchen Table?

Well, what it says on the tin really – the humble kitchen table. A place of warmth, safety, and trust. A place at the heart of the home and the heart of the family, where we feel safe and cared for, and are able to have truly open and honest conversations.

Sign up to Safety has been exploring the art of conversation, and developing different ways to enable people to talk to each other about working safely. We believe conversation is a very powerful thing and when done right, it can lay the foundations for a strong safety culture.

Most recently, we have been exploring an approach for hosting conversations which we have called the Kitchen Table. Like the kitchen table at home, it is a place where people can talk openly and honestly, without judgment and, above all, be listened to. A place at the heart of the home and the heart of the family, where we can feel safe and cared for, and are able to have truly open and honest conversations.

It is a place of kindness and respect, and it’s also really SIMPLE to do.

Why are you doing this?

The Kitchen Table is something we’ve tried out a number of times now in a variety of different locations and settings ranging from national conferences to small local events and the response from people who have experienced it has been incredibly positive

The opportunity for people just to stop for a few minutes and really be listened to is something that they hadn’t even noticed they were missing in their work lives.

But also, as the hosts and the people who did the listening, we heard the most amazing stories and personal experiences from people about working safely which have helped to shape what we do at Sign up to Safety. If you host your own Kitchen Table, we know you too will hear the most brilliant insight from the people you work with.

How do we host a Kitchen Table?

It’s really simple…

  • Chose a date and time for your Kitchen Table. It can take place whenever works best for you during the week. You could host one every day for a couple of hours, or an all-day Kitchen Table on just one of the days. It’s really up to you! Even if the date of the National Kitchen Table Week doesn’t work for your organisation, feel free to hold yours another time.
  • Find a place, a space, a corner, commandeer a lunchroom or an office then set up some chairs and, ideally, a table.
  • Tell everyone about it!
  • Prepare to listen to the amazing stories and experiences and insight your staff and colleagues have to tell you
  • When we have hosted our own Kitchen Tables, we’ve found that the odd cake or biscuit is a good incentive to come and stop by. Budgets may not stretch to this, but we find there is often someone who is really keen to show off their baking skills!
  • Share photos and stories about your Kitchen Table as it happens with us on Twitter using @signuptosafety and #NKTW2018
  • Download our National Kitchen Table Week handbook for more detailed information about organising and hosting your own Kitchen Table event

Can we get some stuff to help?

We have the following items to download and print locally for your day.

  • Our National Kitchen Table Week handbook with tips on how to organise and host your Kitchen Table.
  • Our fabulous mural which captures the conversations that we had when we held the very first Kitchen Table event at the Patient First conference last year. The mural is a really great conversation starter so really worth having on the wall or on your kitchen table.
  • An A2 sized posters to help promote your Kitchen Table – they will have space on them to add when and where your Kitchen Table will be taking place.
  • An A2 sized Scribble Sheet to have at your kitchen table to help capture the themes, questions and ideas you’ll hear.

If you would like the artwork files (Adobe InDesign) of the any of the PDFs listed above, please email us at

Resources to help you have great conversations