Spotlight on maternity: contributing to the Government’s national maternity ambition

On 13 November 2015, the Secretary of State for Health announced a national ambition to halve the rates of stillbirths, neonatal and maternal deaths and intrapartum brain injuries in babies by 2030, with a 20% reduction by 2020.

The Government is now asking all organisations* with maternity services to consider committing to placing a spotlight on maternity and to make a public commitment to contribute towards achieving the national ambition and improve maternity outcomes.

We know that many across the maternity world have been striving to overcome patient safety problems at a local level for some time. We hope this national focus along with the greater level of support provided will complement this existing work, reinvigorate it and ultimately help all organisations achieve their aim of long lasting improvement and safer care.

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* For the purposes of this paper the term organisation is used to refer to a Trust, Foundation Trust, General Practice, and Independent Body.