Care homes

This education package has been developed by Health Education England and NHS England care home and community services cell to support social care workers in caring for themselves, their families and those they care for.

The animations were produced in response to supporting care home staff in preventing future care home outbreaks. We knew that staff needed further information about how to practice good infection prevention and control both in an out of work. There was also clearly some support needed in understanding the testing process in care homes and more general positive messaging about the seasonal flu and Covid vaccinations available to care home staff.

We know that over 100 different languages are spoken by care home staff across the South East and we worked with a company very experienced in developing health and care information packages in easily accessible formats. Our colleagues In Health Education England funded the work as they are also committed to providing educational resources for social care staff that reaches as many diverse groups as possible.

Please follow the latest guidance in conjunction with these animations.

View the animations: