Orthodontic Managed Clinical Network

Terms of reference

  1. Purpose of Orthodontic Managed Clinical Network

The aim of the Orthodontic Managed Clinical Network is to ensure the highest standard of appropriate orthodontic care is provided to the population of Kent and Medway.

  1. Role and remit of Orthodontic Managed Clinical Network

The Kent and Medway Orthodontic Managed Clinical Network (MCN) is essentially a non executive advisory group who will:

  • Advise on the local provision of orthodontic care
  • Advise on policies and protocols to ensure the highest standard of orthodontic care is provided by the local orthodontic workforce
  • Contribute through discussion to the development of short, medium and long-term strategies with regard to maintenance and development of orthodontic provision
  • Advise and input into the development of orthodontic pathways between General Dental Practitioners and Orthodontic providers, both in Primary and Secondary Care
  • Act as a source of advice on orthodontic provision
  • Represent the interests of all providers of orthodontic treatment in respect of discussions on orthodontic provision with the PCT and Local Dental Network (LDN) and liaise regularly with said stakeholders
  • Advise on acceptable quality standards for monitoring orthodontic treatment outcomes.
  1. Membership of the group

It will be the responsibility of each representative to report back to his/her constituency and to ensure appropriate communication arrangements are in place. If the representative is unable to attend they are to nominate a deputy.

The MCN should be representative of all providers of orthodontic treatment and engage directly with the PCT and Local Dental Networks.

3.1          The members should comprise:

  • 1 Dental Lead from the Commissioning Body
  • 1 Consultant in Dental Public Health
  • 2 Consultant Orthodontist from the Acute Trust
  • 3 Orthodontic Provider from primary care (Specialist Practitioner)
  • 2 Orthodontic Performer from primary care (Specialist Practitioner/
  • 1 LDC representative
  • 1 Dental Practice Advisor
  • 1 Operational Manager from Acute Trust
  • 1 Orthodontic Practice Manager
  • 1 Communications representative as and when required
  • 1 Finance representative as and when required
  • 1 Note taker

Members will be elected for a period of three years and be eligible for re-election.

3.2         Further colleague attendance

Additional members will be co-opted as necessary.  Further attendees will be invited as and when required.

3.3          Quorum

The meeting will be quorate when a minimum of three members are present and in addition to the Chair and dental lead from the commissioning body.

  1. Role of Chair

4.1              The Chair’s role will include:

  • The Chair will be elected from within the group for a period of three years and can be re-elected.
  • To facilitate MCN meetings, set meeting agenda’s and maintain MCN representation
  • Nominate a deputy chair
  • Ensure notes of the meetings are compiled and disseminated in a timely manner by the note taker
  • Representing views of Orthodontic Advisory Group at LDN meetings
  • Annually reviewing membership and Terms of Reference
  • Represent the OMCN at the LDN and Report to the Chair of the LDN the confirmed notes and actions from the OMCN meetings

5              Meeting arrangements

5.1          Frequency of meetings

Meetings should be held bi annually or at the chairs discretion.  The Chair reserves the right to call emergency meetings as and when required.

5.2          Attendance at meetings:

The members of the Orthodontic Advisory Group should attend all meetings, whenever possible.  If a member fails to attend a meeting of the Orthodontic Sub-Group on three consecutive occasions the Chair may revoke the attendee’s invitation and seek alternative appropriate representation, unless he/she is satisfied that the absence was due to a reasonable cause. Members who are unable to attend may nominate a deputy.

Members of the Orthodontic Managed Clinical Network

  • Brett Duane  –  Chair                            Associate Professor in Dental Public Health
  • Daniel Burford                                      Consultant Orthodontist
  • Agi Tarnowski                                       Specialist Practitioner
  • Gursharan Minhas                               Consultant Orthodontist
  • Parul Patel                                             Specialist Practitioner
  • Sana Luqmani                                       Consultant Orthodontist
  • Sapna Radia                                           Consultant Orthodontist
  • Iain Hoeltschi                                        Specialist Orthodontist
  • Amal Maizar                                          Specialist Orthodontist
  • ZAID Esmail                                          Specialist Orthodontist
  • Cherie Young                                         Dental Commissioning Manager
  • Alison Marshman                                 Dental Commissioning Manager
  • Paulina Rogacewicz                              Contract Officer