Kent, Surrey and Sussex Local Dental Network

Local Dental Networks are concerned with the whole dental pathway. Commissioning all primary, secondary and community dental services presents an opportunity for Local Dental Networks to integrate dental care pathways.

Dentists and other dental care professionals across the NHS can work together to make sure care best meets the needs of patients, by placing services in the most appropriate setting and linking workforce development and dental commissioning strategies. Local Dental Networks will support practices in making sure day-to-day care is both clinically appropriate and delivers the best for patients.

NHS England, through their dental networks, will work with local authorities and Public Health England to develop and deliver oral health improvement and associated commissioning plans specific to the needs of local populations.

About us

The Kent, Surrey and Sussex Local Dental Network is hosted and supported by NHS England South East. The Local Dental Network enables dental stakeholders to share ideas and feed back to the regional team. This is a great opportunity to influence delivery of NHS dental services across the whole dental pathway including primary care, hospital and community care in and out of hours.

  • A wide network of clinicians and stakeholders with opportunities to be involved in service improvement
  • Engagement with the wider community of practitioners, practice owners and others involved in providing services, as well as patients and stakeholders.

The aims of the Local Dental Network are to provide a vehicle for clinically led and clinically owned delivery of:

  • Support the development and implementation of national strategy and policy
  • Work with key stakeholders on the development and delivery of national priorities
  • Provide clinical leadership
  • Be a vehicle for clinically led and clinically owned delivery of:
    • Best outcomes for patients that reflects local need
    • Quality improvement
    • Best use of NHS resources
    • Planning and designing integrated care pathways
    • Leadership and engagement
  • Ensure a holistic approach to commissioning services by working with a range of stakeholders to lead transformation of services to deliver improved outcomes, reduce inequalities, reduce service variation and ensure quality of access to high quality, efficient services for the population of England.

Commissioners may wish to request Local Professional Networks to co-ordinate pathway redesign and may provide funds for improvement managers, possibly through CQUIN (contracting for quality and innovation within the national NHS contract) moneys.

The structure of the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Local Dental Network is based on a two layer model: a central Local Dental Network membership and an outer supportive network of stakeholders and partners:

Members of the Kent Surrey and Sussex Dental Local Dental Network

Co- Chairs: Brett Duane and Mark Johnstone
NHS England Lead Dental Commissioner: Annie Godden
Public Health England: Jenny Oliver
Local Dental Committees representatives: Kent – Julian Unter

Surrey – Agi Tarnowski

East Sussex – Nish Suchak

West Sussex – William Westwood

Secondary Care: Jeremy Collyer
Health Education England representative: Peter Briggs
Orthodontic Managed Clinical Network
Co – Chairs:
Jo Clark and Richard Jones
Oral Surgery Managed Clinical Network Chair: Brett Duane (Interim)
Paediatric and Special care Managed Clinical Network Chair or nominated deputies: Mili Doshi and Panna Shah
Restorative Managed Clinical Network Chair or nominated deputies: Brian Miller
Oral Health promotion Managed Clinical Network Co – Chairs or nominated deputies: Sarah Davies and June Willis-Lake


Urgent Dental Care Managed Clinical Network Chair: Shelley Oliver
Routine Dental Care Managed Clinical Network Chair: Agi Tarnowski
NHS England Business Support: Gemma Michael
Patient representatives or nominated
Elizabeth Lines
Co-opted members as required


  • At least six members of the total membership, of which one must include the Chair or agreed deputy chair.
  • Members should aim to attend 100% of meetings. Members must attend at least 10 meetings out of the 15 meetings per three year cycle or send their nominated deputy. The Chair will send a letter to any member who has missed two meetings, within a 3 year cycle and not sent a nominated deputy.
  • Members who no longer play an active role within Kent, Surrey and Suusex (on an employed or voluntary basis) should tender their resignation with the group.
  • The group meetings are held five times a year, approximately two months, with a break over the summer.
  • The Chair of the group will agree the agenda with members input.
  • The agenda and papers will be distributed to members and those in attendance not less than three working days in advance of the meeting.
  • The nominated deputy must be fully informed of the meeting, and if a person chooses to use a deputy, this person will also be sent appropriate paperwork. The deputy must also be completely aware of the actions required of the person for which they are being nominated.

Previous minutes

For copies of previous minutes not shown contact Gemma Michael

Managed Clinical Networks

The Local Dental Network is supported by a number of Managed Clinical Networks (MCNs) that feed into the main Local Dental Network meetings. The Chairs of the Managed Clinical Networks sit on the main LDN.  The Managed Clinical Networks are as follows:

Contact us

Gemma Michael
NHS England (South East), York House, 18-20 Massetts Road, Horley, Surrey, RH6 7DE

Telephone: 0113 825 1433