Unscheduled Dental Care Managed Clinical Network

The Unscheduled Dental Care MCN is an NHS England managed clinical leadership advisory group. The purpose of the MCN is to facilitate patient-centred care.  It will provide assurance to the Local Dental Network (LDN), via the LDN chair, through advising on transformational change, improving clinical effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, equity of access, efficiency and offer parity of outcome in service delivery.

The Unscheduled Dental Care Managed Clinical Network (UDC MCN) for Kent, Surrey and Sussex aims to provide a link between all stakeholders in Kent, Surrey and Sussex. This includes, but is not exclusive to, those who hold contracts for the provision of Unscheduled Dental Care, NHS Commissioning, Public Health England and patient groups.


  • To improve and standardise the delivery of Unscheduled Dental Care to the residents of Kent, Surrey and Sussex through partnership working of all stakeholders,
  • Build healthy public policy, strengthening community action, creating supportive environments, developing personal skills and re-orientating health services


  • Provide input into Local Dental Network in order to facilitate and effect the commissioning of Unscheduled Dental Care provision.
  • Regularly review Unscheduled Dental Care delivery to ensure they are consistent with current scientific basis and evaluated good working practice.
  • Reduce inequalities in access and dental care provision within Unscheduled Dental Care
  • Work in partnership with health, education, social and community care to integrate oral health into their policies and programmes.
  • Review national guidance on Unscheduled Dental Care delivery for incorporation into Kent, Surrey and Sussex programmes


 All contracted providers of Unscheduled Dental Care must contribute to the network. 

The core group membership of the UDC MCN for Kent, Surrey and Sussex comprises:

  • Chair – Shelley Oliver, Clinical Lead, Surrey Community Dental Service
  • Deputy Chair –  Sarah Davies, Clinical Lead, MCH Community Dental Service
  • Mark Johnstone – LDN Chair
  • Mark Ridgeway – Area Commissioning Team.
  • Jackie Sowerbutts – Consultant in Dental Public Health
  • Elizabeth Lines – Patient Representative, Healthwatch Kent
  • Parul Patel – Clinical Director of Dental Services, Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust
  • Leona Toner – Head of Community Dental Services, East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Joyce Hicban – Registered Manager, Brighton and Hove Emergency Dental Service
  • Neil Sikka – Clinical Managing Director, Brighton and Hove Emergency Dental Service
  • Janet Elliott – UCD Services Manager, East Surrey Hospital
  • Christopher Treloar -Service Manager Surrey and Sussex Healthcare Trust
  • Peter Stott – Clinical Governance Lead NHS 111 in KMSS
  • Gemma Michael – Business Support Officer

Terms of reference

KSS Unscheduled Care Managed Clinical Network Terms of Reference