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Which areas does the PGD cover?

Each PGD will reference the area(s) it covers.

Each NHS England local office authorises its own PGDs, even those developed nationally by Public Health England.

The NHS England South East PGDs cover:

I can’t find the PGD I am looking for?

All of the PGDs issued by NHS England South East are available within the PDG section of this website. PGD Schedules list the current and archived versions of PGDs issued by NHS England South East and can be also used as a guide to help search for a particular PGD. The PGD Schedules are also available within the following sections:

If you can’t find the PGD you’re looking for then please get in touch with your local team:

Is there a PGD for Adrenaline?

A PGD is not required to administer Adrenalin in response to an anaphylactic reaction to a vaccine as the Adrenaline is being given in a life-saving situation. Furthermore, it is a requirement of immunisation PGDs that immunisers have up to date anaphylaxis and resuscitation training. Healthcare professionals who have signed a PGD will have confirmed their compliance with this training requirement, and therefore a PGD isn’t required to administer Adrenaline in an emergency situation.

Human Papilloma Virus (MSM)

A PGD for the administration of the HPV vaccine (to individuals aged 45 years and under who are men who have sex with men (MSM) and who attend Specialist Sexual Health Services (SSHS) and / or HIV clinics) is available on request for providers commissioned to deliver this service but are not an NHS Trust.

Can I search for PGDs by age group?

Yes. You can use the Routine Immunisation Schedules published by Public Health England (PHE) and to search for vaccinations by age group.

Should I use a PGD or PSD?

Section 3.2 of the NICE Guidelines on PGDs outlines the clinical situations in which it is appropriate to use PDGs and when alternatives to PGDs should be sought.

The BMA FAQs also offer guidance on when PGDs can be used, explaining the differences between PGDs and PSDs.

In situations where patient numbers are small, an alternative mechanism of supply should be considered, such as a Patient Specific Direction (PSD).

Likewise, if a vaccine is being given outside the age-range suggested for a PGD then an alternative mechanism of supply should be considered, such as a PSD.

Additionally, Non-Medical Prescribers may not need to use a PGD, if appropriate to prescribe within their competencies.

Can practice pharmacists operate under a practice’s PGDs?

A PGD will always specify the healthcare professionals it applies to. Some but not all of the current PGDs allow pharmacists administer vaccines.

Can Health Care Assistants (HCAs) use PGDs?

No. HCAs are not legally allowed to use PGDs. If HCAs are involved in administering vaccines, for example at a vaccination clinic(s), an alternative mechanism of supply must be used, such as a Patient Specific Direction (PSD).

Who provides ‘local formal authorisation’ for the PGDs?

The PGD templates produced by Public Health England (PHE) contain the following text “The PGD is not legal or valid without this local, formal authorisation”. This text is used as a disclaimer to ensure that PGDs go through the proper review process and to prevent unsigned (and therefore un-reviewed) PGDs being used.

Local, formal authorisation is provided by NHS England. This is explained by the following line of text within the PHE PGD template: “Public Health England has developed this PGD for local authorisation by NHS England to facilitate delivery of the National Immunisation Programme”.

Healthcare Professionals are NOT required to sign the PGD in addition to NHS England South East under the section “Additional signatories according to locally agreed policy”. The only part of a PGD that Healthcare Professionals need to sign is the declaration(s) at the end of a PGD.

Any member(s) of staff intending to operate under a PGD must have signed the declaration at the end of the PGD, along with the authorising manager, prior to the use of that PGD.

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