Looking ahead

The 2019, South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw (SYB) 5 Year Plan builds on work to date and focuses around four key ambitions:

Developing a population health system

Taking an approach that considers the wider determinants of health – such as education, employment, the built and natural environment. Focusing on helping people have the best start in life, reducing harm from smoking, alcohol and obesity, improving cardio-respiratory health, improving mental health and wellbeing and early diagnosis and increased survival from cancer.

Strengthening foundations

Working with patients and the public to ensure engagement with them shapes the work of the integrated care system (ICS). Tackling workforce issues, such as nursing shortages, and introducing new roles, rostering and programmes that enable flexibility for staff. Establishing better digital capabilities to advance capabilities and digitally enable citizens and staff. Establishing a vehicle for system-wide innovation.

Building a sustainable health and care system

Supporting the development and growth of Primary Care Networks who are extending the range of convenient local services. Focusing on urgent care and ways to relieve pressure on Emergency departments. Re-designing hospital support to give patients the right to alternative modes of appointment such as online, telephone or video consultations.

Broadening and strengthening partnerships to increase opportunity

Strengthening connections we have in neighbourhoods and place with local authorities and the voluntary sector. Building on the role SYB ICS partners play in the local and regional economy.

To improve population health and reduce inequalities we have targets to:

  • Reduce the life expectancy gap between people with severe mental illness and learning disabilities and the general population
  • Reduce the % of pregnant women in SYB who are smoking at time of delivery to 6% by March 2024
  • Improve 1 and 5 year cancer survival rates
  • Reduce the % of adults in SYB who smoke to below 10% by March 2024, with a reduction in the gap between the proportion of the general population who smoke and people with routine and manual occupations and severe mental illness
  • Reduce premature mortality from cardiovascular disease, improving fastest in the areas with highest deprivation
  • Increase the % of people with cancer who are diagnosed at stage 1 and 2
  • Reduce suicide rates across SYB.