South West (North) community pharmacy information

Please note that this webpage is aimed at community pharmacists and their teams. All public and patient enquiries, complaints and Freedom of Information Act requests should be directed to or telephone: 0300 311 22 33.
If you are from a community pharmacy in BaNES, Gloucestershire, Swindon or Wiltshire and have a query, please email us at

Contact details

Contact for Controlled Drugs, Incidents or Concerns

Jon Hayhurst Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer NHS England South West

Please remember to report any controlled drug incidents or concerns to the Controlled Drug Accountable Officer (Jon Hayhurst)

Tel: 07718 130 490

Controlled Drug incident reporting:

Controlled drug general queries email: (please note the recent change in generic email address – healthcare professionals should ensure that any Standard Operating Procedures are updated to include this email address)

NHS Complaints Procedure

Changes to core or supplementary hours

Please complete the relevant form if your pharmacy wishes to change their hours:

Unplanned closures

This form will need to be completed if your pharmacy experiences an unplanned closure.

BaNES, Gloucestershire, Swindon or Wiltshire:

Use of NHS Mail Shared E-Mail Accounts

NHS Mail accounts are available to community pharmacies to support the secure exchange of patient or sensitive data with other health and social care professionals.  If you have not already applied for your site specific shared e-mail account, please use the following link for information on how to arrange set up:  If you have any problems using the NHS Mail system you can direct queries to:

Additional User Requests and Requests to Change the Name of an Existing Email Address

If you require any amendments to the name of your existing shared mail account or need any additional colleagues to be able to access your shared mail account, you can make an application to NHS England. To do this you will need to request an application form by emailing and the form will be sent to you for completion. When it is returned to us, it must be accompanied by a statement confirming why the pharmacy needs the additional users. NHS England will then consider the request and arrange for NHS Digital to set up the additional access if approval is given.

Removal of Additional Users

To remove staff who no longer need access to your NHS Mail shared email account, please send an email from your NHS Mail shared account to with the following details of those who need to be removed:

  1. Name(s) of the staff member(s)
  2. Email address(es) of the staff member(s)
  3. Date(s) of leaving your practice

NHS UK: Your Profile Page

NHS UK is the primary public facing website of the NHS.  It provides comprehensive and trusted health information to help people make the most of their health and get the best out of the healthcare system. The pages include directories of local health services.  The site also shows comparative data about healthcare providers, to help people make informed choices about their healthcare.  This includes feedback on all NHS services.

If a patient logs onto the website they will be able to find a profile for each NHS contract. They will also find a Patient Feedback page where they can leave a comment and a rating on their experiences at your pharmacy.  It is good practice to acknowledge and respond to comments; your editing rights will include the option to set up permissions for members of your staff to respond to feedback posted to your profile.

If you have any queries, please contact the NHS UK service desk. General support is also available through the PSNC.

NHS England does expect the site to reflect the current service provision so that patients can access the most up to date information. Please ensure that any changes to your profile adhere to any regulatory requirements around proposed changes to opening hours, to include lunch breaks and bank holidays. NHS England will shortly be doing audits around this.

Translation & Interpretation Services for NHS patients

Interpretation and Translation Services information can be found here

Local Policy on Community Pharmacies providing Telephone and Off-Site MUR’s

The Medicines Use Review (MUR) service is an Advanced Service within the NHS Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework. It is a structured review that is undertaken by a pharmacist to help patients to manage their medicines more effectively.

Medicines Use Reviews (MUR) should be conducted in the pharmacy face to face, as a rule. In exceptions MURs can be conducted in patients’ homes where agreed with the NHS England South West (North) local team. It is NHS England Policy that a pharmacist wishing to conduct MURs in patients’ homes has an enhanced disclosure and barring service (DBS) certificate (the updated CRB check). The service specification states that permission needs to be given for each patient every time a MUR is to be undertaken off the pharmacy premises.

The full MUR service specification can be found on the PSNC website.

MUR/NMS Quarterly Submission Process

For info on how to submit your quarterly data for advanced services please see the following link.

Clinical Waste Services for Pharmacies

NHS England has an agreement in place with Sharpsmart Ltd for the collection of healthcare waste. If you need to contact Sharpsmart, their customer services team can be reached on 01388 810 310, or by sending an email to


NHS England South West (North) sends out newsletters to all pharmacy contractors on a regular basis. If you wish to refer to previous editions, please follow the links below: