Wessex community pharmacy information

Please note that this webpage is aimed at community pharmacists and their teams. All public and patient enquiries, complaints and Freedom of Information Act requests should be directed to england.contactus@nhs.net or telephone: 0300 311 22 33.

This page includes information for community pharmacies in Dorset. You will find information for community pharmacies in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight here. If you are from a community pharmacist in Wessex and have a query, please email us at england.wessexpharmacy@nhs.net.


In this section:

Contact Details

The document below has contact details for NHS England South (Wessex) Pharmacy team. It also includes the procedure if a patient would like to make a complaint.


Controlled Drugs Team (CDAO)

It is important that all controlled drugs incidents are reported immediately and any concerns or issues regarding controlled drugs raised immediately so that appropriate action can be taken without delay.

Arrangements for the CDAO from the 1st October 2018:

When reporting CD incidents use only the web based system.  This is for all Incidents and concerns involving CDs, including dispensing errors and unresolved balance discrepancies,  as well as requests for  CD destruction, they all need to be reported to NHS England via the online CD reporting portal.


When submitting incident reports via the online portal it is important that you select NHS England South West instead of Wessex in the drop down menu.

Overseeing the management and use of Controlled Drugs for Dorset is:

  • Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer:  Jon Hayhurst
  • Deputy Accountable Officer: Darren Barnett

The Team can be emailed at; england.southwestcontrolleddrugs@nhs.net  , this email address should be used for requests for authorised witnesses for the destruction of expired controlled drugs.

Destruction of Obsolete stock of Controlled Drugs

For information relating to Hampshire and the Isle of Wight please click here.