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Winter Readiness Toolkit for Care Homes and Residential Care

Welcome to the Care Home Winter Readiness site, from the South West Public Health England Centre, which has been hosted by our colleagues in NHS England and NHS Improvement South West.

Our tool kit is designed to help managers and staff in care homes and other residential care settings with planning and preparation for winter infections and outbreaks, and in outbreak investigation and management.

This year, we have added some new Covid-19 resources, as well as redesigning our resources on flu/other respiratory infections and viral gastroenteritis.  The resources are quick-reference documents, designed to be used as needed for your setting, by staff, residents and visitors.

The toolkit complements the national guidance documents on the website for Covid-19, other respiratory infections and viral gastroenteritis. In addition, there are a wealth of other resources and web links on the web sites of the various professional health and social care organisations.

Keeping infections out of your care home

 Are you ready for winter?

Flu and Flu vaccination 2020/21: A Toolkit for care homes – This describes why flu vaccination is important, responsibilities of employers, common barriers to immunizations, a template for recording staff vaccination and ideas and resources for improving uptake

Care Home staff vaccination tracker 2020 21

Flu Immunisation for social care staff

Flu vaccination: easy read flu resources

Flu vaccination: who should have it this winter and why

Flu Posters for visitors to hospitals and care homes

Identifying infections as early as possible

Preventing spread of infection in your care home


Viral Gastroenteritis

Using personal protective equipment (PPE) and Infection Prevention Control

Other useful guidance


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