Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs)

Leaders of the South’s Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) and their senior teams gathered at Reading Town Hall on September 16 for an STP development day.

About 130 people attended the event which was made of workshops on a range of topics from behaviour change and programme management to preventing ill health and making best use of technology.

There is an STP map available and copies of all the slides used on the day can be found here:

Benchmarking to Reality
Communications and Engagement
Service Support for STP delivery
What are ACOs and how are they performing?
Developing an ACO
Embedding Digital Technology
Changing Behaviours
Delivering Improvement and Transformation
Operational Planning
The Prevention and Self Care Workshop
STP Control Totals
Transformation of Primary Care
Specialised Commissioning
Transforming Community Care
Value-Based Decision Making
New Vision of Care
New Vision of Care Deck
New Vision of Care (Slough)
Embedding Information and Digital Technology