Patient placement

Patients must be promptly assessed for infection risk on arrival at the care area, eg inpatient/outpatient/care home, (if possible, prior to accepting a patient from another care area) and should be continuously reviewed throughout their stay.

This assessment should influence placement decisions in accordance with clinical/care need(s).

Patients who may present a cross-infection risk include those:

  • with diarrhoea, vomiting, an unexplained rash, fever or respiratory symptoms
  • known to have been previously positive with a Multi-drug Resistant Organism (MDRO), eg MRSA, CPE
  • who have been an inpatient in any hospital in the UK or abroad or are a known epidemiological link to a carrier of

Further information can be found in the patient placement literature review.

Manual contents

Chapter 1: Standard infection control precautions (SICPs)

Chapter 2: Transmission based precautions (TBPs)


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