Safe management of blood and body fluid spillages

Spillages of blood and other body fluids may transmit blood borne viruses.

Spillages must be treated immediately by staff trained to undertake this safely.

Responsibilities for the treatment of blood/body fluid spills must be clear within each area/care setting.

For management of blood and body fluid spillages see Appendix 9.

Further information can be found in the management of blood and body fluid literature review.

Healthcare providers should ensure that any polymer gel for non-patient use (eg spill kits, controlled drug destruction, use by cleaning staff) is kept secure and away from patients. See National Patient Safety Alert – NatPSA/2019/002/NHSPS.

Manual contents

Chapter 1: Standard infection control precautions (SICPs)

Chapter 2: Transmission based precautions (TBPs)


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