Transformation fund call to bid

To support the implementation of the Five Year Forward View vision of better health, better patient care and improved NHS efficiency, NHS England has created a transformation fund. This funding will enable local areas to deliver on key ambitions identified by the independent cancer and mental health taskforces. Additionally we will continue to build on the Transforming Care priority for those with learning disabilities and kick start, at scale, revolutions for diabetes treatment and prevention.

The Planning Guidance for 2017-2019 set out that NHS England would:

  • Use the Best Possible Value framework approach to assess all transformation investment decisions.
  • Run a single co-ordinated application process to minimise the administrative burden on local areas who would be applying for funding.

This single coordinated application process will support NHS England to make best possible value investment decision.

Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) are central to this process and all bids should be explicitly linked to the relevant local STP plans. This process is open to any STP, although individual organisations or alliances may bid on behalf of an STP for this funding; submission of applications must be via STPs.

The interventions for which transformation funding are available are:

Improving access to psychological therapies (Integrated IAPT)

Urgent & Emergency Mental Health Liaison Services for Adults and Older Adults

Early diagnosis for people with cancer

Cancer recovery package

Cancer stratified follow up pathways

Improving uptake of structured education for people with diabetes

Improving the achievement of the NICE recommended treatment targets

New or expanded multi-disciplinary footcare teams (MDFTs)

New or expanded diabetes inpatient specialist nursing services (DISNs)

Reducing reliance on specialist inpatient care for people with learning disabilities

Reduction in children with learning disabilities placed away from their home and local community

For each national programme there is a set of Call to Bid documents which follow the same approach and outline:

  • A clear set of interventions with supporting evidence base that the national programme is looking to fund.
  • The parameters to funding, governance and delivery requirements.
  • How the Best Possible Value framework approach has been applied to the national programme’s interventions and how the framework will be used to apprise the bids received.
  • A standard application form for all interventions within a programme which is aligned to the appraisal criteria. The Call to Bid documentation and application forms are set up such that applicants only have to fill in the sections applicable for the interventions that they wish to bid for.

Bidders should contact the relevant national programme for further information (details available within the Call to Bid documents).


Date Action
12 December 2016 Process launched and Call to Bid documents published
December 2016 Support provided to bidders through Webinar sessions for each programme / intervention.
18 January 2017  Submissions deadline for bidders
February 2017 Investment Decision taken by NHS England Investment Committee
March 2017 Notification of investment decisions