Looking ahead

In April 2018, leaders from across the local health and care system came together to identify potential ‘higher’ ambitions for the ICS. These ambitions include:

  • Deprivation: Every person working in health and care will consider improving mental health their responsibility; child poverty will be reduced in the area; inequality in life expectancy will be reduced in all districts to meet the life expectancy in the best performing district.
  • Mental health: Wellbeing hubs will be available in all schools in the area; those with mental health/emotional concerns will have easy access to services; suicides will therefore be a rare occurrence.
  • Obesity: Access to local bariatric services including surgery will be provided, in line with national guidance; obesity in staff working in education, health and social care will be reduced within five years; people will be educated about the causal link between obesity and cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  • Unplanned cancer admissions: Uptake of breast, bowel and cervical screening will be above 90 per cent; cancer incidence in Tendring will be reduced to the Suffolk and North East Essex average within five years.
  • End of life care: The number of people dying in hospitals will be at least halved; every patient making choices for end of life care will have all the information they (and their family/carers) need; the best experience for everyone at the end of life will be guaranteed.
  • Ageing and living alone: ‘Good Neighbour’ or similar schemes will be available in every local community; more multi-skilled, place-based roles will meet the needs of patients better; we will become a world-leading region for technology to address loneliness.

Further work is needed to develop and refine these ambitions and additional ambitions may be identified.