Place2Be’s programme offers resources and support to help our NHS working parents, carers and their families during COVID-19.

Place2Be has offered an online programme of expert support and resources to keyworkers, including all NHS colleagues. These resources are available free of charge and have been made possible through charitable donations, coordinated by a group of NHS doctors looking to support the mental health and wellbeing of keyworker children.

The programme consists of:

  • Three webinars that cover: recovery and self-care; holding supportive conversations; understanding and managing anxiety in uncertain times.
  • An Art Room resource pack for children and parents and carers to craft and create together. The Art Room pack includes stories, instructions and activities exploring the ways in which parents and children can stay connected even when they’re spending more time apart.

How to access the offer:

Head over to Place2Be to view their webinar series and access their Art Room resource pack.

The webinar topics include:

Wellbeing and Self Care – This webinar will explore recovery and self care, reflecting on the psychological and emotional impact of the pandemic. The session will share a framework and ideas to support your own and your families’ wellbeing.

Holding supportive conversations: listening with empathy – This webinar will explore how to hold supportive conversations about difficult subjects (mental ill health, loss, anxiety, anger, grief). It covers common fears and shares techniques to build confidence in your power to support others by listening with empathy; not finding the ‘right’ answer or action.

Understanding and managing anxiety in uncertain times –In this webinar, you will have the opportunity to explore the nature of anxiety and how it might impact on you and your family in these uncertain times. The session will also include healthy ways to cope and manage your own worries as well as ideas you can use with children and young people.