Managing your energy in the workplace

Perry Timms, Founder and Chief Energy Officer at People and Transformational HR shares five tips to help with managing your energy at work.

Having written publications on creating an energised workplace where people are able to flourish and reach their potential, Perry:

  • Highlights the type of energies used most
  • Encourages reflection about what activities motivate and drain you
  • Explains how to make yourself more effective by actively managing your energy throughout the work day

Whether you are still attending your ordinary place of work, or working from home or from another remote space, paying attention to these five tips can help:

1. Know your energy

Everyone is different and knowing your own energy rhythm can help:

  • How does your energy fluctuate throughout the day?
  • Do you like periods of deep reflection or do you prefer variety and stimulation?

2. Map your energy

Mapping out challenges and tasks for the day can help to line up tasks alongside your energy rhythms:

  • What activities boost your energy?
  • What activities drain your energy?

i.e. What activities will require you to think and reflect and where can you best schedule to do these in your day?

3. Time-box your energy

Looking at the tasks and activities you need to do in the day, ask yourself:

  • How long will each task or activity take?
  • How can you map these alongside where your energy levels will likely be at?

4. Journal your energy

Reflect back on your day and journal your experience of how you used your energy. This will help to learn how to manage your energy better tomorrow.

5. Engage with your energy

  • Listen to yourself about how you feel
  • Share with others how you felt throughout the day
  • Think about how to empathise with yourself and others about how energy is used

Whether you are working in converged sense or a diverged sense, these tips will help to create an energised workplace where people can flourish.

For further reading on the topic:

– The Energized Workplace: Designing Organizations Where People Flourish by Perry Timms, Kogan Page Publication 2020.