Challenge the Wild Pilot

Challenge the Wild Pilot – Wellbeing Walks 

As part of our ongoing commitment to support the wellbeing of our NHS people and to pilot and evaluate innovative support offers, NHS England and NHS Improvement are offering 100 colleagues working predominantly in critical care, the ambulance service or primary care (including dental, optometry and pharmacy) to pilot a programme called Challenge The Wild.  This pilot, developed by a team of trained professionals, aims to complement the national physical health and wellbeing programme and provide colleagues with an alternative opportunity to get outdoors and consider the benefits this may have on your health and wellbeing.

Who are Challenge the Wild and what are they offering?

Challenge the Wild are an organisation specialising in providing adventurous challenges, outdoor experiences and stunning hikes to groups of like-minded individuals. They are offering 100 NHS colleagues the chance to participate in a one day “wellbeing walk” in the countryside, in a range of locations across the country. Being active can improve self-perception and self-esteem, mood and sleep quality, reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue. These walks will also provide you with an opportunity to create peer networks with colleagues who live locally to you, and share your experiences of the last year in a safe environment.

All of the walks will be facilitated by trained mountain leaders who are also either ex-Armed Forces or NHS staff and, where possible, the routes will be tailored to meet all accessibility needs.

How to apply?

If you work in critical care, the ambulance service or primary care and would like to be part of this pilot, please follow the links below to choose the walk that is most suitable for you.  There will be 10 walks offered (for groups of 10 people) across 5 locations.  Dates have been scheduled in-line with the national guidelines on outdoor meets.   Please note that priority will be given to the above mentioned NHS colleagues and will be offered on a first come first served basis.

If you have any questions, please contact the national team at