Improvement Capability Building and Delivery team

The Improvement Capability Building and Delivery team is part of NHS England’s Improvement Directorate. Our purpose is to build improvement capability in teams, organisations and systems to help them improve services to enhance patient care. 

The NHS Long Term Plan presents a vision of a revitalised culture of support and collaboration in the NHS underpinned by service improvement and transformation across systems and within providers. To contribute to the Long Term Plan’s vision, we offer evidence-based, policy-aligned improvement capability building offers that are for the NHS and developed by the NHS. 

In each of the seven NHS regions, we have a dedicated Relationship Lead and team to support the design and delivery of capability building and delivery programmes to meet local and regional needs. 

NHS England is coordinating the development of an Improvement Framework, which will help deliver the Long Term Plan, re-empower our staff, align with national strategies and help to foster the culture we all want to work in. Our offers will support the framework, helping local systems and organisations to build much needed capability to deliver both their own improvement approaches and support offers from the wider Improvement Directorate. 

Our offers are developed in a variety of formats to suit different learning styles and requirements, from face-to-face facilitated support to self-directed virtual learning and online resources. Our offers also range from developing foundational levels of knowledge to advanced levels of skill required to build and embed sustainable change. Many of our offers can be combined strategically and tailored to support specific circumstances. 

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