Virtual Academy of Large Scale Change masterclasses

In early 2018 NHS England’s Sustainable Improvement (SI) Team held a series of targeted Large Scale Change support via face-to-face regional masterclasses and virtual consultation and coaching clinics. These followed the successful launch of the Leading Large Scale Change Guide and Virtual Academy of Large Scale Change webinar series.

We worked with health and care system teams who are either already redesigning services or are ready to start a transformation or redesign programme and wished to actively progress the change using Large Scale Change principles.

We held fully-booked masterclasses on Mobilisation, Systems Leadership & Large Scale Change, in the form of one and two day face-to-face, learning in action events designed to help health and care system teams to achieve their Large Scale Change ambitions.

Our masterclasses connected teams to our expert faculty and were highly interactive. The aim for each masterclass was to help participating teams to develop a practical action plan to take forward the next steps of their large scale transformation challenge.

The masterclasses were designed to bring together people to:

  • Learn, share and practically apply Systems Leadership and Large Scale Change principles and best practice
  • Create a positive shift in our collective ability to lead complex change initiatives.

Details of any further masterclasses will be announced on this page. If you have any questions about the masterclasses please email