Virtual Academy of Large Scale Change webinar series

NHS England’s Sustainable Improvement team and the Horizons team recently ran a Virtual Academy of Large Scale Change webinar series.

This free webinar programme was aimed at all those working in health and care organisations who are facing large scale change challenges and all those interested in developing large scale change skills. The webinar series introduced participants to frameworks and tools for leading successful large scale change and:

  • Introduced the principles of systems leadership
  • Introduced the theory and principles of large scale change
  • Provided an overview of processes of change and the change model
  • Introduced foundational elements of mobilising and organising and the use of narrative
  • Introduced approaches for maximising value from your networks
  • Introduced the key principles of measurement for improvement and change

The webinar topics were as follows:

  • Introduction to the Webinar Series
  • Webinar 1/6 – Systems Leadership
  • Webinar 2/6 – Leading Large Scale Change
  • Webinar 3/6 – The Change Model
  • Webinar 4/6 – Mobilising
  • Webinar 5/6 – Networks
  • Webinar 6/6 – Measurement for Improvement

All webinars are available to watch back. Please note you will need to be logged in to NHS Networks, and will need to request access to the Virtual Academy of Large Scale Change group, to view the webinars.

Details of future webinars will be posted here in future.