Lean Fundamentals

Lean fundamentals online course arrowsA free, CPD-accredited massive-online course, Lean Fundamentals builds foundational Lean process improvement skills. The course is highly action oriented and introduces core Lean concepts that can be applied immediately to develop practical skills to make a point improvement to a specific part of a process, and to reduce non-value-adding activities to enhance care and outcomes for our patients, families, carers and staff.

Comprising six, one-hour content modules available 24/7 over an eight-week period, the Lean Fundamentals massive-online programme covers:

  • Course induction – this will orientate you to the learning platform functionality, course objectives and will help you consider your improvement project scope.
  • Improvement Kata Introduction – provides a structured routine for learning and applying improvement science and uses a visual format to aid onsite communication between managers and staff.
  • Introduction to Lean – introduces the principles of Lean and helps you to consider how value is defined and how waste manifests within processes.
  • The Building Blocks of Processes – demonstrates the effect of process variation and helps you to design it out and document processes through observation and waste elimination.
  • The Flows of Healthcare – introduces you to seven flows that comprise healthcare processes and how to observe, document and process map them.
  • Workplace Organisation – helps you apply a five-step process to organise workplaces and use visual methods to design more effective, efficient and reliable processes.
  • Pursuing Perfection – Introduces a structured approach to rapid-cycle continuous improvement through iterative experimentation using the Plan, Do, Study, Act framework.

You can work through the modules at your own pace and interact with peers and expert faculty through the learning platform to maximise your learning and enhance your ability to rapidly apply Lean concepts in practice.


The course will run from 9am on Monday 13th September 2021 to 11.45pm on Sunday 7th November 2021.

Enrolling on the course

To participate in the course you will need to be registered on our Quality Improvement (QI) Learning Platform and enrolled on the course. In readiness could you please follow these registration instructions as soon as possible:

  1. If you have already registered on the QI Learning Platform, then you simply need to enrol on the course.
  2. If you have not already registered on the platform, please do so by visiting the QI Learning Platform registration page. Then you simply need to enrol on the course.

You will be able to access the full range of online materials once you have registered on the platform, enrolled on the course and the course has opened. The course materials and resources will remain available for six weeks until the course closes.