Quality, service improvement and redesign (QSIR) tools by type of approach

These tools are aligned around a particular approach, whether it is an improvement approach such as Lean, or whether you are specifically looking at your communication approach throughout the life of your improvement project.

Analytical tools


People and change


These are tried and tested tools and techniques that will help you to move on your thinking and come up with new solutions and perspectives.

Project management



Six Sigma

These tools and techniques are related to or have their origins in the Six Sigma principles around improving processes to have increased reliability and variation reduction, by identifying and removing defects to improve the quality of the outputs of a process and by implementing a measurement-based strategy.

Reduce variation

Higher reliability

Clinical systems improvement

Clinical systems improvement (CSI) can be described as evidence-based operations management for healthcare. This term is used to describe a body of knowledge adapted from systems engineering and other disciplines to improve clinical processes. These tools and techniques all support this approach.