How to join

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It is possible not only for an organisation to join the Information Standard but also for a single department to join as a stand-alone member. This makes it easier and more straightforward for organisations to achieve The Information Standard.

The Steps to Certification for organisations who would like to join the Information Standard are as follows:

A – Understand the Standard

B – Making the Commitment

  • Communicate to your organisation your commitment to becoming Certified
  • Sign and return the Applicant Agreement¬† (If you would like to be sent a copy of this document please contact us:

C – Preparing for Certification

  • Liaison with a member of The Information Standard team
  • When your organisation is close to, or meeting, the principles and requirements you will be asked to complete the Self-Review Gap Analysis document and return it to The Information Standard team.
  • Book and complete an on site Assessment visit with an Assessment and Development Manager who will assess your organisation against the principles and requirements, based on your completed Gap Analysis.
  • Receive your formal Assessor Report and assessment outcome, which may include notification of any areas that require further development to meet the requirements of the Standard
  • Resubmit evidence of any corrective actions to your Assessment and Development Manager within any agreed timeframes.

D – Certification and Review

  • Certification achieved
  • On-going Annual Review