Eligibility and readiness

To see whether you are eligible to join The Information Standard and whether your current approach will meet the Principles and Requirements of the Information Standard you can complete our Eligibility and Readiness questionnaire below. This will enable a member of our team to contact you and advise you of what the next steps are that you may need, or wish, to take. We will aim to contact you within 2 working days of completing the form below.

Please complete the eligibility and readiness questionnaire below:

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Do you produce your own health and care information, targeted at the public, or do you signpost to other organisations information?

Do you have a defined process for creating all of your public facing information?

What channels and types of public facing information do you produce? Please tick all that apply.

PrintedOnlineSocial mediaApps and ToolsVideoTelephony

Do you record a list of references and evidence sources used to produce each information product?

Do you review your information processes on a regular basis (every 3 years or less)?