The Interview – Best Practice Resource Practical Toolkit – for the appointment of lay members to clinical commissioning groups

The Interview


The aim is to use the interview to supplement and probe the information and assessment already made about the applicant at shortlisting from the Application Form.

There are two strands to this probing.

a) How well does the candidate meet the expertise criteria for the role; i.e. What is their level of experience? and

b) Does the candidate have the competencies for the role?


Each panel member may have copies of blank interview record forms for each applicant. Panel members may use these during the interview to record the evidence given by each applicant against each element of the assessment. The chair of the panel may have an additional copy on which to record the final panel assessment, to be agreed and signed by all panel members at the end of each interview.

Probing the Expertise criteria

Each candidate should be asked questions to test their level of experience in the appropriate area(s) of expertise. Answers to these questions should enable the panel to complete the section of the interview record form (see sample) with an appropriate ranking.

These answers may also give some insight into particular competencies and may give rise to supplementary questions from the panel.

Probing the Competencies

The essence of competency-based interviewing is that it tests past behaviours. All questions are, therefore, questioning how the candidate reacted to scenarios in their past. Best practice suggests that this is a much better assessment than asking “what if” questions such as “How would you deal with a disagreement with your board colleagues?”

The answers to the questions will enable the panel to form a view of the candidate’s competence and to complete the competency section of the Interview Summary Form.


This is part of a supportive suite of resources for Clinical Commissioning Groups to use should they wish to.