Safe management of the care environment

The care environment must be:

  • visibly clean, free from non-essential items and equipment to facilitate effective cleaning
  • well maintained, in a good state of repair and with adequate ventilation for the clinical

Routine cleaning

  • The environment should be routinely cleaned in accordance with the National Cleaning Standards.
  • Use of detergent wipes are acceptable for cleaning surfaces/frequently touched sites within the care
  • A fresh solution of general-purpose neutral detergent in warm water is recommended for routine cleaning. This should be changed when dirty or when changing
  • Routine disinfection of the environment is not recommended however, 1,000ppm available chlorine should be used routinely on sanitary
  • Staff groups should be aware of their environmental cleaning schedules for their area and clear on their specific
  • Cleaning protocols should include responsibility for, frequency of, and method of environmental

Further information can be found in the safe management of the care environment literature review.

Manual contents

Chapter 1: Standard infection control precautions (SICPs)

Chapter 2: Transmission based precautions (TBPs)


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