Surgical same day emergency care

The surgical same day emergency care (SSDEC) model builds on experience from established surgical ambulatory emergency care units and aims to bring principles learned from day surgery units for elective operations to emergency surgical admissions.

Developing SSDEC models of care may allow units to streamline admissions, as well as supporting a reduction in waiting times and hospital admissions.

The key components of SSDEC are early consultant assessment and diagnosis, identification of appropriate patients for SSDEC, rapid treatment and conversion to SDEC management where possible, and early facilitated discharge.

Typical general surgical conditions that may be ideal for treatment within a SSDEC unit include uncomplicated biliary colic or mild cholecystitis, right iliac fossa pain and uncomplicated appendicitis, symptomatic groin hernia, small volume rectal bleeding and superficial abscesses. Certain urological conditions, with appropriate organisation of resources, are also well suited to treatment within a SSDEC and include suspected renal colic, mild uncomplicated pyelonephritis and uncomplicated urinary retention.

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