Widening Digital Participation

In the UK today, there are around 12.3 million people who lack basic digital numeracy skills and around half of those have never been online in their lives.

These people are sometimes referred to as digitally excluded. Those experiencing digital exclusion tend to be older, poorer, and more likely to be disabled.

Our Widening Digital Participation programme which ran from July 2013 to April 2016 focused on reaching these groups and giving them access to the information they need.

Over the three years of the programme, over 220,000 people learned more about their health, including how to use online resources, contact their GP online, manage medical conditions and make healthy choices

Providing digital health training has the potential to reduce demand on face-to-face health services in two ways: in the short term, by helping people identify the most appropriate way to seek non urgent medical advice, and in the longer-term, by empowering people to better manage their health.

To learn more about the Widening Digital participation Programme visit our delivery partner Tinder Foundation’s website or read the final programme report.