Changing the conversation

We hope that you enjoy taking part in ‘What matters to you?’ day. More importantly we hope that it will encourage you to keep on having the conversations that draw out what really matters to people. By following the links below you will find information about the evidence that supports this way of working.  You will also find resources produced by NHS England, Public Health England and Health Education England.

 Shared decision making

Shared decision making ensures that individuals are supported to make decisions that are right for them.  It is a collaborative process through which a clinician supports a patient to make decisions about their treatment.

‘What matters to you?’ day is part of our aim to spread shared decision making across the NHS.

All Our Health

All Our Health is a resource for all health and care professionals to help you use their knowledge, skills and relationships, working with patients and the population to prevent illness, protect health and promote wellbeing. Meaningful conversations between people who provide health and social care and the people who receive that care are vital – read this All Our Health blog on why “it’s good to talk”.

Making every contact count (MECC)

Making every contact count is an approach to behaviour change that uses the millions of day-to-day interactions that organisations and individuals have with other people to support them in making positive changes to their physical and mental health and wellbeing. It supports the opportunistic delivery of consistent and concise healthy lifestyle information and enables individuals to engage in conversations about their health at scale across organisations and populations.

Always Events®

Always Events® uses co-production and codesign to really ensure that patients and families are true partners in designing improvements to services.  Why not build on “WMTY2018” to develop those conversations to improve experience of care by using the free resources and toolkit?