Join in with ‘What matters to you’

On 6 June 2018 we will be encouraging people to have a ‘What matters to you?’ conversation with people they support or care for. However, our aim is to encourage people to keep having these conversations on every other day of the year and we hope that  ‘What matters to you?’ day will act as the catalyst.

Ideas for how to take part

You can be as creative as you like.  In previous years, people have :

  • held coffee mornings,
  • put up feedback trees for children,
  • added ‘what matters to me’ boards in patients’ rooms,
  • held awareness raising sessions for staff; and
  • invited colleagues to commit to asking the question…..

…all to get people talking and spread the ‘what matters to you’ message.

To join in all you have to do is register either as an individual or as a team.  The link below will take you to the Scottish ‘What matters to you?’ web page, where you will find the registration form.

Join in with ‘What matters to you’.