Commissioning Child Sexual Abuse Hubs in London

A Child Sexual Abuse Hub Toolkit has been created as a guide for commissioners and practitioners who want to establish a Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) hub in their local area.

Following a two year programme funded by NHS England (London) and hosted by King’s College University Hospital NHS Trust, the toolkit was created to improve services for children and young people who have experienced child sexual abuse.

The CSA hub model is a one stop shop for medical, advocacy and early emotional support for children and their families who experience child sexual abuse. It also offers advice and liaison to police and children’s social care services, ensuring that children and young people attending the hub can access a holistic treatment in one place.

In 2015 NHS England (London) and the Mayor’s Office for Police and Crime commissioned the Review of the pathway following Children’s Sexual Abuse in London. The review recommended the development of improved forensic services for children and young people at The Havens (London’s sexual assault referral centres), a pilot of the Child House model and the first step was the establishment of CSA hubs in London.

Local learning and case studies come from the establishment of the hub in North Central London, funded by the Department of Health.