London patients lose the weight of 5 black cabs In flagship NHS type 2 Diabetes Prevention Programme

Nearly 4,000 people in London have now completed the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme and have achieved a combined weight loss of over 10,000kg [22046 pounds or 1575 stone].

New figures show that the 17,000 people who attended most of the healthy living sessions lost an average of 3.4kg, over one kilogram more than originally predicted and a total of 59,000kg.

The programme, which gives advice on dieting, exercise and healthy lifestyle, is being doubled in size over the next few years to treat around 200,000 people annually as part of the NHS Long Term Plan’s renewed focus on prevention.

From July this year, online versions of the programme, which involve wearable technologies and apps to help those at risk of Type 2 Diabetes, will be provided for patients who find it difficult to attend sessions because of work or family commitments.

Almost 60,000 people in London region have already been referred into the programme with 50% of them progressing to an initial assessment.