Over one million Londoners receive the Covid-19 vaccine

More than one million Londoners have now received the Covid vaccine, reducing their risk of serious illness from Covid-19.

Official figures published today confirm that the NHS in London has now vaccinated more than one million Londoners (1,072,148), with over 60,000 having received both doses.

The milestone has been hit just eight weeks after 90-year-old George Dyer became the first person in London to receive a Covid-19 vaccination at Croydon Hospital, following trials that proved the vaccine as safe and effective.

This figure is reached as 18 more local community pharmacy sites go live this week across London, including Oxlow Pharmacy in Dagenham and Pyramid Pharmacy in Enfield.

It will mean more than 200 vaccination services are operating across the capital by the end of the week, making it easier than ever for people to be vaccinated when invited.

Dr Vin Diwakar, Medical Director for the NHS in London, said:
More than one million Covid vaccinations have now been given in the capital, well surpassing the number of Londoners who have been infected by the virus and giving significant protection to those most at risk.

We’re working with local communities to open vaccination sites all the time – and I urge Londoners to take up their vaccination invite as soon as they get it while continuing to follow public health guidance to reduce transmission and help save lives.

Residents at all eligible care homes have been offered a jab where safe to do so, protecting one of the most at-risk groups in the country.

While the vaccination provides the best protection against coronavirus, it is important to continue to follow all the social distancing guidelines, even after getting the vaccine.

Nobody needs to contact the NHS to request a vaccine as people will be invited when it is their turn. People cannot get vaccinated by just turning up.

The vaccine is free for everyone and the NHS will never ask people to pay for it.

• To tackle vaccine hesitancy and misinformation, we are tailoring materials to meet specific community needs – such as video translations of factual vaccine information in some of the most commonly spoken languages in London, aside from English.