Over 100 extra London pharmacies are now offering the life-saving covid jab 

London’s NHS is urging all eligible Londoners yet to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or receive their booster jab to come forward, as over 100 additional pharmacies across the city open, making it more convenient than ever to get the jab and in time for winter.

Located in every borough, from independent providers to high street chains, pharmacies have delivered a fifth of vaccines so far to Londoners, and have been able to offer expert health advice at the same time.

Pharmacies are now providing just over a third of COVID-19 vaccinations in the capital, making it even easier for Londoners to get vaccinated locally.

The 127 extra pharmacies nearly doubles the total number in London offering the life-saving vaccine, bringing the total to 262.

Suraj Varia, Lead Pharmacist at London’s Jade Pharmacy Group where 100,000 vaccines have already been given to Londoners said:

“Offering the covid vaccine at even more pharmacies across London is a significant step forward in making it as easy as possible to get protected, or to discuss any questions or concerns about the vaccine with a trusted local healthcare professional.

“The Jade Pharmacy Group is delighted to support the NHS with the rollout of its critical vaccination programme and welcomes the opportunity for our pharmacy teams to help protect Londoners from covid this winter.

“With more people predicted to suffer from winter viruses this year, I encourage anyone eligible who has not yet come forward for their flu vaccine, booster, first or second dose of the life-saving COVID-19 vaccine to walk in or book today.”

Londoners can book online to attend one of the 262 pharmacies to get their booster, first or second dose of the vaccine, or simply walk in.

Harpal, from West London, who is in his 70s, received his booster vaccine with the Jade Pharmacy Group this October, and said:

“After having had triple bypass surgery a few years ago, I know I am vulnerable to winter viruses so I am always keen to do what I can to look after myself. When I was advised by my pharmacist at my flu jab appointment to get the COVID-19 booster vaccine, I was keen to get it ahead of the cold winter weather.

“I had a walk-in appointment at a pharmacy very close me and the staff were so helpful in every way. I was given my vaccine very quickly, not taking up much of my day at all.”

This winter, London pharmacies are also offering flu jabs for those vulnerable to severe illness from flu, which is safe to get at the same time as the COVID-19 vaccine.

Jeremy Wallman Head of Primary Care Commissioning, Dentistry, Optometry and Pharmacy at NHS London added:

“Pharmacy teams have been working incredibly hard throughout the pandemic and have shown how much of a contribution they make to the healthcare of their communities, by being so readily accessible to all in London.

“As we increase our vaccination offer across the capital, we’re urging all eligible Londoners to come forward for their jab to protect themselves this winter.”

Andrew Lane, Chair at the National Pharmacy Association said:

“Pharmacies in the capital have played a key role in the NHS response to Covid-19, and it is good that the number of pharmacies involved in the vaccine programme is increasing.

“People rightly see pharmacies as a highly convenient and trusted location for healthcare.

“We urge people to get fully protected against Covid-19, for their own safety and for the sake of others in their families and the community around them.”

Over 13 million jabs have been delivered by NHS staff and volunteers in London, with over 1.5  million boosters given to eligible Londoners, as the biggest and most successful vaccination drive in health history continues.

The NHS is vaccinating in line with guidance set by the JCVI.