London’s NHS urges students in the capital to consider a nursing career

The Chief Nurse for the NHS in London, Jane Clegg, has congratulated local students receiving their A Level results today, calling on them to consider joining the NHS by applying for the final remaining nursing and midwifery degree places available.

With plenty of spaces still available through clearing, the students still undecided on their next steps are today being urged to follow this “exciting and rewarding path” and become one of England’s more than 300,000 nurses.

Regional Chief Nurse for the NHS in London, Jane Clegg said:

“It is great to once again see so many young people making the decision to pursue a rewarding career in the NHS, delivering world-class healthcare and changing the lives of patients. I continue to admire the dedication and outstanding expertise that my colleagues across the capital show every day, and it’s exciting that many more have already chosen to follow in their footsteps.

“For those who are still deciding on their next steps or perhaps rethinking their original choices, I would strongly encourage you to consider applying to study nursing or midwifery through UCAS clearing, and to search NHS nursing careers to find out more.”

While many A-level students have already chosen nursing careers to start this September, others will be reconsidering their options and the NHS is calling on students to consider a nursing or healthcare-related degree, with the final places this year available through clearing.

Nursing is one of the most rewarding and diverse careers, with over 50 different jobs and specialties that students can look into while studying and after graduating. Midwifery also offers hands-on training with the opportunity to make a real difference to patients’ lives through a range of different placements while learning.

After studying in west London, Melissa Newman graduated as a midwife in 2017 and shared why she chose her career from the age of 14:

“It encompasses everything I’m passionate about: empowering women and birthing people – I can’t imagine doing anything else.

“My advice to anyone considering a midwifery degree is to just go for it, you won’t regret it. Gain as much work and volunteering experience as you can to give you a deeper insight into the role and take advantage of the free courses that many charities offer.”

Those who choose to attend university to study nursing could also be eligible for the NHS Learning Support Fund, which will guarantee a grant of £5,000 a year, as well as specialist payments for studying mental health or learning disability nursing. Students will also leave as one of the most employable graduates in the UK, with 94% of those studying nursing landing a job within 6 months.

UCAS clearing is now open and prospective students will be able to apply for courses until the 18 October. Entry requirements for nursing degree courses will vary, but students are advised they will likely need at least two A Levels or equivalent. Contact a university directly to find out what specific qualifications are needed.

If you think nursing could be the career for you, search ‘NHS nursing careers’ to find out more about the range of roles within the NHS and how to apply.