NHS staff tour Tilbury Docks to commemorate Windrush, also in its 75th anniversary year  

 As part of celebrations to recognise the 75th anniversary of Windrush and the NHS, staff members from the NHS in London have been invited, in partnership with the Port of Tilbury, to mark the day with a boat cruise departing from Waterloo to visit Tilbury Docks.   

Thursday 22 June marks 75 years since Tilbury Docks, Essex received one of the first large groups of Caribbean settlers on the ship ‘Empire Windrush’.   

The Windrush generation had a significant impact on the establishment of the NHS, which was created just a few weeks later with many of the passengers on Windrush, as well as their descendants, helping to create the NHS.  

NHS England, also celebrating a significant 75th anniversary milestone this year, want to use this opportunity to appreciate and reflect on the importance of the Windrush Generation in the evolution of the NHS and providing healthcare services, free at the point of use for all.   

Staff from across the NHS in London will get the opportunity to visit the original site where the Windrush ship first docked, followed by a unique afternoon of music, exhibitions, talks and performances.  

Dr Chris Streather, Medical Director for the NHS in London said:   

“This is a great opportunity for colleagues across the NHS in London to go on a unique trip to Tilbury Docks and recognise – at the landing point of Windrush – the vital role the Windrush Generation have played in the UK and in the NHS.   

“London is one of the most diverse cities in the world and we are so proud that our workforce in the capital is reflective of this.   

“As the NHS in London continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of our communities, there is no doubt of the influence that colleagues from the Windrush Generation have had in helping to build the NHS we have today.”  

Paul Dale, Asset & Site Director for the Port of Tilbury said:   

“We are delighted to invite NHS staff and volunteers to join us for our special Windrush Day event.  

“We know the NHS and Windrush are inextricably linked and, recognising both are celebrating their 75-year milestone this year, it makes it especially important.”  

Roslyn Walcott-Cumberbatch, General Manager at Maudsley Hospital said: 

“Windrush is dear to my heart as my mother was part of the generation that came over from the Caribbean in the 60’s and contributed to building up the NHS.  

“I am now following in her footsteps having worked in the NHS for over 25 years. This event will be sentimental, and I will be honoured to represent her.”