Discharge of Charlie Rowley from Salisbury District Hospital

Lorna Wilkinson, Director of Nursing at Salisbury District Hospital said today: I am pleased to confirm that earlier today, Charlie Rowley was discharged from hospital.

Charlie has been through an appalling experience most of us could never imagine. Today is a very welcome milestone in his recovery and all of us here at Salisbury Hospital wish him well as he continues to get better. The progress he has made is a testament to the remarkable clinical team who have worked tirelessly, supported by brilliant behind the scenes staff.

I want to take this opportunity to thank them again.

But it is also a day tinged with sadness for everyone as we remember Dawn Sturgess, who tragically lost her life on Sunday 8 July. We continue to think both of Charlie and of Dawn’s family, and support them as they go through the difficult process of coming to terms with her death.

Both Dawn and Charlie had been poisoned by a powerful nerve agent.

As part of the care we gave to Charlie, and the other victims of this nerve agent, we decontaminated them. We did this both to help them get better and ensure there would be no remaining contamination that could affect them or anyone who came into contact with them.

We continue to work closely with Public Health England who have advised that Charlie poses no risk to the community.

I would also like to reassure everyone that, despite many people seeking advice following these incidents, there have only ever been a total of five people who have been exposed to this nerve agent and admitted to hospital for treatment.

In the past four and a half months, our hospital has treated all five victims while the world looked on and yet we have never closed our doors to the public. I would now like to ask the media to give us the space we need to carry on with doing our job – providing outstanding care for the people of Salisbury.